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Kenya Gatina

Product image 112oz bag of Kenya Gatina
Product image 2Description: limeade, dried cherry, turbinado sugar
Product image 3Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity 4, Floral 3, Sweet 4, Nutty 1, Cocoa 2, Spices 2
Product image 4Kenya Gatina
Product image 5Kenya Gatina

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Our only Kenyan release of the year, this coffee presents rich red fruits accompanied by tingly citric acidity. It's a wonderful representation of Kenya's distinct terroir. 

DESCRIPTION: dried cherry, turbinado sugar, limeade

REGION: Nyeri, Central Kenya

ALTITUDE: 1,800 - 2,050 m 


VARIETY: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Positioned a few kilometers outside the town of Karatina in Nyeri sits the Gatina Washing Station. Here, between the western slopes of Mt. Kenya and the eastern slopes of the Aberdares mountains, 790 members of the Mugaga Farmers' Cooperative Society - including 280 women - bring their coffee cherry to be hand-sorted for quality, with damaged and defective cherry being removed before further processing. The cooperative takes quality very seriously: farmers must take any rejections back to their homes, creating an incentive structure to only bring high quality cherries to the station. 

Kenyan coffee is singularly revered in specialty coffee, and for good reason. Brimming with fruits, distinct in its terroir, and containing a lovely liveliness, there are few things roasters and specialty coffee aficionados wait for more than Kenyan coffee season. We selected this lot from Gatina above other Kenyan offerings for its very fruit-forward taste profile, a delightful mix of red fruits and punchy citrus. Gatina is the only lot from Kenya that we sourced this year, and we are happy to say that it was worth the wait!

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