Guatemala Rio Dorado
Guatemala Rio Dorado

Guatemala Rio Dorado

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DESCRIPTION: fuji apple, vanilla bean, caramel, honey, and milk chocolate

PRODUCER: José Roberto Monterroso

REGION: Jalapa


ALTITUDE: 1500 - 2100 meters


Our latest offering from Guatemala comes from Finca El Morito and producer José Roberto Monterroso. A passionate farmer working in the municipality of Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Monterroso brings intense passion and a spirit of innovation to his farm. He knows the details on every variety of coffee and every lot on his farm, and dedicates himself to careful, thorough processing. Coffees on Monterroso’s farms are washed, naturally fermented for 15 hours, and then slowly sun-dried for 10-15 days to ensure the coffee stays fresh for us. The end result is a wonderfully clean and classic Guatemalan profile, rich in milk chocolate and notes of sweet apple. This is our second year working with Monterroso, and we hope to continue sharing his coffees for years to come!

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