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WHY WE LOVE IT: Our second lot from Carlos Rivas is very creamy with a great balance of deep notes and fruity acidity. 

DESCRIPTION: green pear, chocolate fudge, raw almond, golden raisin

REGION: San Pedro Negra, Huehuetenango

ALTITUDE: 1,800 m


VARIETY: Caturra and Bourbon

We are proud to purchase two lots this year from the La Union farm! This selection is also from Carlos Rivas, a coffee growing expert with nearly 30 years of experience. It is slightly different from our other offering. This lot is a mix of Caturra and Bourbon, and it was sorted during processing as "AA". The differences are subtle but evident, but work together to tell the story of the excellent coffees coming from this farm and producer.

This particular lot, named after Carlos's farm "La Union", features a very crisp pear acidity and a deep chocolate note that some of our team described as "melted chocolate" or "fudge". In the mix is also a very pleasant but subtle stonefruit acidity that adds even more softness to the taste and mouthfeel, along with a coating raw almond quality. 

As mentioned in our other write-up, Guatemala La Union embodies everything we love about coffees from the region. Carlos works hard to improve his processes every year to keep raising the bar for coffee quality, and his commitment to excellence is evident every time we taste this coffee from La Union!

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