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Guatemala Carlos Rivas

Product image 1Guatemala Carlos Rivas
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WHY WE LOVE IT: Our second year showcasing Carlos's work, this year's harvest is an exceptional balance of sweetness and fruitiness with a lovely milk chocolate finish. 

DESCRIPTION: milk chocolate, caramel, fig, pear, and blackberry

REGION: San Pedro Negra, Huehuetenango

ALTITUDE: 1,800 m


VARIETY: Caturra

We love coffees from Guatemala for their smooth body and balanced, sweet profile. We’ve featured several from the country over the years, and are excited to bring back an offering we originally introduced in 2019.

Guatemala La Union, with its milk chocolate sweetness and malic acidity, embodies everything we love about coffees from the region. This 100 percent Caturra lot was produced by Carlos Rivas, a coffee growing expert with nearly 30 years of experience. It is graded as a "AAA" lot, meaning the beans were selected as the highest quality during sorting. This absolutely shows up in the final cup. 

Armed with an education in agricultural engineering, Carlos began growing coffee on his own farm at a relatively low altitude. As the climate changed over the next two decades, his farm became unsuitable for growing high quality coffee. He knew that if he wanted to continue growing coffee that met his high standards for quality, he would need to find a new farm.

After some searching, he found the perfect place -- an abandoned coffee farm at 1800 m. This farm, which he named Finca La Union, is where Carlos grows his coffee today. Producing only traditional coffee varieties, he works hard to improve his processes every year to keep raising the bar for coffee quality. Carlos’ commitment to excellence is evident every time we taste this coffee from La Union!

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