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Fair Trade Organic Peru Percy Rojas Torres

Product image 1Fair Trade Organic Peru Percy Rojas Torres
Product image 2Taste Description: Marzipan, Lychee, Pear, Cocoa Nib
Product image 3Coffee Cherries Growing on the farm
Product image 4The Mountains of Percy Rojas Torres' farm
Product image 5Holding coffee cherries grown by Percy Rojas Torres
Product image 6Roaster's Taste Profile: Fruity 3, Floral 2, Sweet 4, Nutty 3, Cocoa 3, Spices 1

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Another shining example of the quality coming from Peru, this crowd-pleasing coffee has a delicious balance of bright fruitiness and sweetness. 

DESCRIPTION: marzipan, lychee, pear, cocoa nib

REGION: Coipa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca

ALTITUDE: 1,971 m


VARIETY: Caturra, Bourbon

From the Santuario Cooperative in northern Peru, the Percy Rojas Torres is an exceptional example of the depth and complexity of coffee from this ecologically diverse region located at the border of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Forest.

Santuario is only a couple of years old, and already has helped empower 360 smallholder farmers and producer groups in their pursuit of long term coffee sustainability and profitability. Santuario’s mission includes helping producers adopt organic farming practices and other sustainability initiatives, educating them on a wide array of cultivation and post-harvest quality techniques, and enabling access to wider, better-paying specialty markets.

Percy Rojas Torres is one of Santuario’s smallholder producers and a legacy coffee farmer. His 6-hectare farm includes 3 hectares set aside for coffee, and is named La Palta after its abundance of avocado trees.

We love the Peru Percy Rojas Torres for its clarity, sweetness, and balance, and we know you - and whoever you serve it to! - will love it, too. 


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