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Ethiopia Tigist Waqo Natural

Product image 1Ethiopia Tigist Waqo Natural
Product image 2Description: chocolate cake, pink lemonade, pistachio
Product image 3Ethiopia Tigist Waqo Natural
Product image 4Ethiopia Tigist Waqo Natural

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WHY WE LOVE IT: We're excited to showcase the work of Tigist Waqo again. This year's lot has exceptional sweetness underpinning a lively citrus acidity. 

DESCRIPTION: chocolate cake, pink lemonade, pistachio

REGION: Yirgacheffe

ALTITUDE: 2,042 m


VARIETY: Heirloom

Tigist Waqo is a single-producer from Idido in the world-famous Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia. Finding a coffee that can be attributed to a single producer used to be near impossible in Ethiopia, but the country has made huge strides in the past few years to make it happen.

Tigist Waqo has been in coffee for more than 20 years. Her farm is 8 hectares (about 20 acres) big and sits over 2000 meters above sea level. After picking and drying her coffee, she brings it to the Abebe Muligeta mill, where it is exported to us.

We are thrilled to bring back her work for the third year. In the past, we have used her coffee as the natural component of our 'Tis the Season holiday blend, and then released it on its own once the holidays are over. This year, we have included it in our 3thiopia processing blend and are now excited to offer it on its own. We hope to continue this tradition for years to come, as her high quality lots continue to offer a delicious showcase of the excellence of Ethiopian coffee. 

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