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Ethiopia Sheka Haile Natural

Product image 1Ethiopia Sheka Haile Natural
Product image 2Ethiopia Sheka Haile Natural
Product image 3Ethiopia Sheka Haile Natural
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WHY WE LOVE IT: Big fruitiness and a milk chocolate finish make for a deliciously sweet cup from coffee's most famed origin.

DESCRIPTION: strawberry, guava, milk chocolate

REGION: Masha, Sheka 

ALTITUDE: 1,680 - 1,875 m


VARIETY: Heirloom Ethiopian Landraces

Fresh from Ethiopia comes a coffee from a producer with both a unique background and a penchant for quality. Naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia are always a fan-favorite, and this coffee displays the characteristics of the best naturals: dynamically fruity without being over-fermented, vibrant flavors without being overpowering. 

We're very excited to present the work of Haile Gebreselassie for the first time. Born into a family of subsistence farmers where he had to fetch water from a local river a few miles away, he grew up to enjoy a 25 year career as one of the world's most successful distance runners. Today, he is driven by his ambition to farm and grow new businesses, and he has ventures in hotels, fitness centers, schools, and offices, employing thousands across Ethiopia. 

The careful attention to detail is evident in the cup. This coffee will strongly appeal to fans of Ethiopian naturals. It bursts with red fruits, smells amazing off the grind, and has a richly complex flavor experience. The strawberry and guava notes drive the initial tasting, presenting a crisp brightness and clean sweetness. We then get a coating milk chocolate finish to cap off a very exciting release from coffee's most famed region. Enjoy!

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