Ethiopia Limu Gera
Ethiopia Limu Gera

Ethiopia Limu Gera

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DESCRIPTION: floral, citric acidity, candied lemon, light caramel, light brown sugar, tea-like body



ALTITUDE: 1800 - 2100 meters

VARIETALS: Heirloom Ethiopian

We’ve been buying coffees from the Limu region for several years now. The coffee’s subtle floral notes, candied citrus, and caramel sweetness have provided a key component for many of our blends for years, but in recent seasons the quality has been consistently high enough to highlight on its own as a great representation of all there is to love about Ethiopian coffee—lively, delicate and intriguing. The Gera estate where this coffee is produced exemplifies commitment to quality and sustainability. All coffees are shade grown, free of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. The estate invests in the future of its community as well, providing housing, education, clean drinking water, electricity, health care, recreational facilities and more for its employees and their families. All these reasons, on top of the consistent quality, illustrate why we are thrilled to bring in plenty of coffee from Gera every year and share it with you!

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