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Ethiopia Adame Gorbota

Product image 112oz bag of Kaldi's Coffee Ethiopia Adame Gorbota
Product image 2Description: Strawberry, milk chocolate, mulling spices. Process: natural
Product image 3Our Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity 4/5, Floral 3/5, Sweet 3/5, Nutty 1/5, Cocoa 2/5, Spices 3/5
Product image 4Naturally processed coffee cherries from Adame Gorbota
Product image 5Coffee cherries drying at the farm

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DESCRIPTION: strawberry, milk chocolate, mulling spices

WHY WE LOVE IT: Ripe strawberry fruitiness combines with creamy chocolate and complex spices in this excellent naturally processed coffee. 

REGION: Yirgacheffe

ALTITUDE: 1,950 m


VARIETY: Heirloom Ethiopian Landraces

Naturally processed coffees from Yirgacheffe are some of the most famed and loved in coffee. Many people point to these as their coffee "awakening", the single origin coffee that changed their perspective on what coffee could taste like. This delicious coffee from members of the Adame Gorbota cooperative — originally used in our annual 'Tis the Season blend — fits the bill. 

Adame Gorbota is considered one of the best run cooperatives in the Yirgacheffe Union. Members average less than .5 acres of farmland, but some have as much as much as 2 hectares. These family farms are often small and forested with production divided amongst coffee and other staple crops. This gives the farmers both sustenance and income, aiding in sustainability and diversity. After coffee cherry is picked at peak ripeness, it is often delivered directly by the members to collection sites run by the cooperative. The coffee then goes through a drying period of 2-3 weeks before being depulped and stored for export. 

The flavors of Adame Gorbota are very apparent. We were struck by its ripe strawberry fruitiness that plays perfectly with its milk chocolate sweetness. In the background, you'll notice hints of mulling spices that lends to its wonderful complexity. As one-half of 2023's 'Tis the Season blend, we are excited to launch this excellent coffee on its own, and maybe even elicit more of those moments of awakening that has made the region famous. 

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