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El Salvador Santa Sofia Kenya

Product image 112oz bag of El Salvador Santa Sofia
Product image 2Description: Macadamia Nut, Pomegranate, and Guava
Product image 3Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity 5/5, Floral 2/5, Sweet 3/5, Nutty 3/5, Cocoa 2/5, Spices 3/5
Product image 4El Salvador Santa Sofia Kenya
Product image 5El Salvador Santa Sofia Kenya

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DESCRIPTION: Macadamia nut, pomegranate, guava

WHY WE LOVE IT: We're absolutely enamored by the flavor profile of this unique coffee: it's fruity, juicy, soft, tropical, and nutty.

REGION: Palo de Campana Canton, Santa Ana

ALTITUDE: 1,470 m



Fresh from our partners at Cafe Pacas comes another stunning, one-of-a-kind coffee. Cafe Pacas has gained in reputation by offering coffees with innovative processing techniques and growing several varieties (even discovering brand new varieties like Bernardina, which we have released as a part of our Cupping Room Series several times now). In 2013, they planted strains of this variety from Kenya on their La Esperanza and Santa Sofia farms.

Finca Santa Sofia is situated in Palo de Campana Canton, Santa Ana. Its tropical climate, volcanic soil, and hilly topography give it exceptional growing conditions despite its smaller size. The Pacas family maintains extraordinary quality of the coffees grown here through their sustainable practices, such as utilizing diversified shade trees, using only environmentally friendly fertilizers, and implementing soil erosion prevention programs. The farm has remained within the Pacas family for 5 generations and has won Cup of Excellence competitions multiple times. 

This coffee is truly the coming together of excellent growing conditions and growers, and provides a fascinating crossover of terroir, variety, and processing. The familiar soft nuttiness of El Salvador sits amidst lively fruits that lovers of Kenyan coffee will find familiar (and enticing). The natural process only accentuates these fruity attributes, and is one of the "cleanest" naturals you will taste. We're absolutely enamored by the flavor profile of this coffee: it's fruity, juicy, soft, tropical, and nutty. El Salvador Santa Sofia Kenya is a rare chance to try to something unique, exciting, and delicious. 

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