El Salvador El Manzano Honey
El Salvador El Manzano Honey
El Salvador El Manzano Honey

El Salvador El Manzano Honey

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Notes of cashew, candied strawberry, fig, cane sugar, and apple

ORIGIN: Central America

REGION: Santa Ana, El Salvador


ALTITUDE: 1300-1550 meters


This coffee comes to us from another of our long-running relationships, this one with a family whose relationship with coffee stretches back more than a century. When Cup of Excellence-winning producer Emilio Diaz de Lopez says he has coffee running through his veins, he means it. Emilio inherited the farm purchased by his family in the 1840s, and he and the family—representing up to seven generations of coffee farming—have excelled in carrying forward their long-standing tradition of quality. The farm, which is located ten miles southwest of the city of Santa Ana, in Las Cruces County in western El Salvador, is currently owned by Margarita Diaz de Lopez, great granddaughter of the founder.

On our visits to their medium-sized (173 acres) farm, we have been consistently inspired by their dedication to every detail of the process with their coffees. They take great care in each form of processing, as they produce washed, honey-processed and natural coffees. Their attention to evenly drying the coffee is meticulous, and it shows in the consistent quality of the cup. In every detail, they are thinking about the final quality of the coffee you experience, and about how to pass on an even better farm to the next generation of their family. We’re honored to share in their passion and dedication. This year we present our first offering of one of their honey-processed lots, one rich in sweetness and subtle acidity, and reminiscent of strawberry hard candy. We hope you enjoy it!

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