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El Salvador La Esperanza Natural

Product image 1El Salvador La Esperanza Natural
Product image 2Description: cashew, tart raspberry, tangerine, creme brulee
Product image 3Maria Pacas on her farm
Product image 4The Kaldi's Coffee team with Maria Pacas
Product image 5Picture of La Esperanza farm
Product image 6Roaster's Taste Profile for El Salvador La Esperanza. Fruity 3.5, Floral 1, Sweet 3, Nutty 4, Cocoa 2, Spices 1

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Featuring a familiar cashew nuttiness and some very delicious berry and citrus fruit notes, this natural process, rare-variety coffee provides a sweet and balanced taste experience.

DESCRIPTION: cashew, raspberry, tangerine, and crème brûlée

REGION: Canton el Porvenir, Municipio de Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

ALTITUDE: 1,750 m


VARIETY: Orange Bourbon

Read more about our trip to the La Esperanza farm and with Cafe Pacas in our blog, "A New Coffee Variety in El Salvador". 

Kaldi’s is thrilled to present our newest coffee from our partners at Cafe Pacas. This is an Orange Bourbon variety from Finca La Esperanza in the Santa Ana region. In the fall of 2019, we had the privilege of visiting Maria Pacas. Maria and the Pacas Family have replanted and reorganized the entire operation since 2012 to increase efficiency, quality, and biodiversity. La Esperanza is home to nearly a dozen different varieties: Red Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, Pacamara, Pacas, Kenya, Mocca, Bernardina, and Ethiopian Heirloom. All varieties are surrounded by ingas, conifers, eucalyptus trees and more that provide shade throughout the farm. 

On our visit with Maria, we were able to catch up with all of the innovations and social projects their family has implemented over the years. It was impressive and humbling, to say the least, as we learned about the Wellness Program that focuses on their team’s mental well-being and then to hear about their 3rd place finish in the 2019 Cup of Excellence!

As we listened to Maria, we were taken on a tour of the Pacas Family’s operation. We were guided through the Pacas family’s offices built almost 30 years ago by Maria’s father Alfredo; the nursery where seedlings are cared for before propagating the farm; and the family’s mill, Vivagua. All of these together allow the Pacas family to have complete vertical control over each stage of the coffee production process.

The result is truly exceptional coffee. We were presented with some of these coffees as we cupped with Maria to select a micro-lot to bring back to Kaldi’s. We cupped two different tables of coffee of varying processes and cultivars. Every coffee on the table cupped well but one stood out for us. 

We chose a natural process Orange Bourbon lot from La Esperanza. The Orange Bourbon variety is a naturally occurring mutation of Red Bourbon first discovered in El Salvador. Historically and genetically, Bourbon is an incredibly important variety and produces an excellent cup of coffee and this lot absolutely delivers. Featuring a familiar cashew nuttiness and some very delicious berry and citrus fruit notes, this natural process, rare-variety coffee provides a sweet and balanced taste experience.

Once again, we sent out some pre-release samples of this coffee to customers and asked them to fill out their own Spider Chart via a survey. The results are in, and it's always a blast seeing how it compares to our own! Be on the lookout for our next release. 

El Salvador La Esperanza Taste Profile


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