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Costa Rica Las Lajas Double Diamond Anaerobic

Product image 1200g bag of Costa Rica Las Lajas Double Diamond
Product image 2Costa Rica Las Lajas Double Diamond Anaerobic
Product image 3Costa Rica Las Lajas Double Diamond Anaerobic
Product image 4Costa Rica Las Lajas Double Diamond Anaerobic
Product image 5Costa Rica Las Lajas Double Diamond Anaerobic

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200 gram bag


This coffee is available for pre-order through 9/26 and will roast on 9/27. Any other items ordered with this coffee will also ship on 9/27. 

DESCRIPTION: green apple hard candy, grilled pineapple, chocolate covered strawberries, kiwi limeade

FARM: Finca Las Lajas

REGION: Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley

PROCESSING METHOD: Double Black Diamond Anaerobic Natural

ALTITUDE: 1,450 - 1,600 meters

VARIETY: Caturra, Catuaí

Every once in a while, a coffee lands on our cupping table that captivates our senses. This is one of those coffees. 

Sweet, fruity, and tantalizingly tart, this microlot from one of the most famed farms in Costa Rica packs a punch. It’s no exaggeration to say that this coffee is both unlike the coffees we typically look for, and unlike any coffee we’ve roasted to date, but it has transfixed us. This coffee is a dynamic — and delicious — showcase of the forward-thinking innovators present in coffee farming today.

In recent years, many farms around the world have been experimenting with innovative processing techniques that dramatically shift or highlight specific flavors in a coffee. Anaerobic processing is one of these methods, and it has found a devoted fanbase for the bright and sometimes funky flavors that result. 

For this coffee, the Chacons of the Las Lajas farm have used a processing method that they call "Double Black Diamond". Developed over the course of four years, the process takes expertly picked and harvested coffee cherries and places them in sealed tanks for an average of 72 hours. This begins the anaerobic fermentation process, which is deemed to be complete after the pH and Brix readings reach their targeted levels. With this method, they aim to extend the fermentation process as long as possible. The result is a coffee that perfectly combines expertise and experimentation into one very memorable taste experience. 

We are thrilled to offer you this limited, one-time roast as a part of our National Coffee Day 2022 festivities. This Las Lajas coffee brings the vast and varied world of coffee to your cup, showcasing coffee’s bright future and, more importantly, the extraordinary producers pushing our industry forward.


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