Myanmar Green Land Farm SL 34

Myanmar Green Land Farm SL 34

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What we taste: Green apple, walnut, pomegranate, and honey

ORIGIN: Myanmar

REGION: Mandalay


ALTITUDE: 1200 meters


Greenland Plantation was founded in the Mandalay region of Myanmar by U Sai Wan Maing in 1999. Since then they’ve cultivated varieties from both Costa Rica and Kenya including the highly sought after geisha variety. This specific variety, SL-34, is one most commonly found in Kenya. At 1200 MASL, Green Land has 600,000 coffee trees on 700 acres making it one of Myanmar’s largest coffee plantations. Greenland Farm took first place in Myanmar’s second annual cupping competition in 2016, which is a testament to their focus on quality and growth in specialty coffee. 
Beginning in 2008, we began to work with several political refugees from Myanmar.  Since they joined our team at Kaldi's Coffee, we have learned so much about Myanmar and their culture. When we found out USAID was introducing a pilot project on the coffee sector in Myanmar, we jumped at the chance to be involved.  We are one of the first specialty coffee companies in the world to import coffee from Myanmar. We are excited to introduce you to this year's harvest. Cheers.

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