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Colombia Familia Macias

Product image 112oz bag of Colombia Familia Macias
Product image 2Description: Pink Lady Apple, kiwi, cacao, sugar cane
Product image 3Taste profile: Fruity 4/5, Floral 3/5, Sweet 4/5, Nutty 2/5, Cocoa 3/5, Spices 1/5
Product image 4Red cherries being raked on the farm
Product image 5Two produces on the coffee farm

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WHY WE LOVE IT: The beautiful diversity and exceptional quality of Colombian coffee shine in this intensely fruity and sweet release from the Macias family. 

DESCRIPTION: Pink Lady apple, kiwi, cacao nib, sugar cane


ALTITUDE: 1,500 - 1,800 m


VARIETY: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Colombia produces some of our favorite coffees in the world — and a diverse set at that. Inside of Colombia are coffees that have attributes from just about every other growing region, from the nutty chocolates of Brazilian coffees to the florals for which Ethiopian coffee is famous. 

This release hails from the Macias family, specifically from Ferney, Nelson, and their mother Alicia. Their farm La Ceja - Vereda has about 20 hectares of coffee planted in the municipality of El Pital in the village of Santa Rosa. A combination of great terroir, high elevation, and fantastic care has lead us to a coffee that exemplifies the types of single origin releases we crave. 

Upon cupping, our team was blown away by the fruity sweetness of this coffee. As the cup cooled, we picked up notes that, when combined, reminded us of fruit cocktail syrup, such was the intensity of its sugary sweetness and juicy fruits. But there is plenty to explore in this very complex coffee. We taste the semi-tart and crisp acidity of a Pink Lady apple, the tropical notes of kiwi, and the balanced sweetness of cacao and sugar cane. We can't wait for you to try this shining example of the quality and diversity of this beautiful growing region.

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