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Coffee Stitch Cap

Regular price $17.99 Sale price $25.99

While designing our new hat, we got to thinking about the things we love most and how we could incorporate that into the art. As we sipped our coffee deep in thought, we got that lightbulb moment. 

We love coffee, you love coffee, and your hat can now tell that to the world. If you're like us, sometimes coffee is all you have on your mind, and this is the living embodiment of that fact.

Donned in a stylish font with a crazy-comfy, light-weight dad-hat feel, this leather-strapped wonder is a fantastic way to share your passion around the town. Wear it to your favorite coffee shop so that every barista knows yeah, you're one of us, or wear it to a ballgame and let everyone know whose team you're really on. 

One size fits all.

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