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Brazil João Hamilton

Product image 1Kaldi's Relationship Coffee. Brazil Joao Hamilton.
Product image 2Description: Kiwi, Almond, Baked Apple. Process: Natural
Product image 3Our Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity 4, FLoral 2, Sweet 3, Nutty 2, Cocoa 1, Spices 3
Product image 4Producer on his farm
Product image 5Producer making pour over coffee on the farm

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DESCRIPTION: kiwi, almond, baked apple

WHY WE LOVE IT: New flavors from a long-loved region abound in this excellent example of Brazilian coffee. 

REGION: Mogiana

ALTITUDE: 1,200 - 1,350 m


VARIETY: Sumatra

Single origin coffees from Brazil always get a strong reaction from our team and guests. There's something about their familiar nuttiness mixed with jammy fruits that creates something both comforting and new.

In this special release from producer João Hamilton, you'll get the comforting notes you love, but they sit alongside something a little more "new" too. Hailing from his farm Sìtio Canaã in the Mogiana region of Brazil, this reserve lot from our longtime partners at FAF benefits greatly from decades of work to make coffee growing more natural and sustainable. 

The Sumatra variety adds a little cinnamon spiciness to some richly "green" tropical fruit notes that remind us of kiwi. We love the way this coffee develops as you drink it. In subsequent sips, you'll experience the mouthfeel of an almond, the coating nature of milk chocolate, or its more sugary kiwi and baked apple fruitiness. It’s another perfect snapshot of Brazil’s future in specialty coffee and one that we think you'll remember for a long time.

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