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Blend Sampler Pack

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Our Sampler Pack contains three 4oz bags of our blends: Cafe Kaldi, 700, and Haya. Nothing brings out the distinct characteristics of coffee like context, and the Sampler can help you discover something unique in each.

Cafe Kaldi:  Our house coffee since we opened our doors in 1994, we lightly develop half of the roast and push the other half a little deeper. The result is a perfectly balanced cup.

700:  Caramel sweetness, smooth body, and a dark chocolate finish that tastes great as both drip coffee and espresso.

Haya:  We formulated Haya to be perfect as cold brew, but it works just as wonderfully as drip coffee. Enjoy notes of caramel, citrus, and floral. 

If one (or all) of the coffees turns out to be your jam, come back and get a 12oz bag.

Coffee Cupping Bowls

The Sampler also makes the perfect gift to someone you love (including yourself). Enjoy, and explore.


Still not sure which blend is right for you? Check out our Blend Buying Guide.

Kaldi's Coffee Blend Buying Guide - Which Coffee Blend Is Right For You? 

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