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Ameri-Kona - 1 Time Roast - Sold Out

Product image 110oz bag of Amer-Kona Blend with sparklers
Product image 210oz bag of Ameri-Kona Blend with confetti
Product image 3A 10oz bag of Ameri-Kona blend next to a free 50g sample bag of 100% Kona Coffee

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1 time only roast!

This is a pre-order: Ameri-Kona will roast and ship on 6/25/2021. Limited number of bags available. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Ameri-Kona celebrates coffee from all of the Americas. It is also the first time we’ve sourced and roasted Kona coffee fresh from Hawaii in many years.

DESCRIPTION: apple crumble and dark chocolate peanut butter cup candy

COFFEES: 20% Kona Estate Selection, 40% Guatemala Huehuetenango, 40% Brazil Serra do Cabral natural

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Ameri-Kona is a twist on the classic phrase, “A Slice of Americana”. This Fourth of July season, we’ve put together a blend that celebrates coffee from all of the Americas — Central, South, and the only-USA grown coffee, Kona. 

Comprised of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and fresh-grown Kona coffee from the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano on the big island of Hawaii, Ameri-Kona has been carefully blended and roasted to elicit the tastes of apple crumble and dark chocolate peanut butter cup candy. 

We couldn’t think of a better way — or a better time — to celebrate the coffees of the Americas. Ameri-Kona provides a rare chance to taste the hard work and dedication of this section of coffee producers, and comes together deliciously as a warm, inviting, and comforting blend that tastes great hot or cold. 


ALL 40 ORDERS CLAIMED!: Exclusive early bird offer: A true “slice” of Americana

The first 40 orders with the applicable code will include a free 50g sample bag of pure Kona coffee AND get 10% off their 10oz bag of Ameri-Kona. Don’t miss your chance to get this pure taste of the only coffee grown in the United States. 

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