Statement of Values


At Kaldi’s, we are a family – one company, united through shared values.

What - A passion for fulfilling the needs of our customers and guests.
Why - Because we will all realize more success if we help fulfill the needs of our customers and guests.  We’re #2 because our customers and guests are #1.

What - Respect the talent and contribution of every individual.  
Why - Teamwork depends on trust, mutual understanding and the shared belief that the individual will be treated fairly in any environment.

Continual Improvement:
What - Sustained passion and commitment to continually improve professionally and personally.
Why - To better serve our customers and guests.


What - A positive attitude in dealing with our team members, customers and guests.
Why - Life’s too short for anything else.

What - Sustained passion and a commitment to a proactive, shared vision and to its implementations.
Why - To rally teams toward achieving common objectives.

What - Complete and frequent sharing of information with individuals and the company.
Why - Critical to team members knowing where they, their efforts and their business stand.

What - Self-confidence to trust others.  Self-confidence to delegate to others the freedom to act while, at the same time, self-confidence to involve higher levels in issues critical to the business and the company.
Why - Supports concepts of more individual responsibility, capability to act quickly and independently.  Should increase job satisfaction and improve understanding of risks and rewards.  While delegation is critical, there is a small percentage of high-impact issues that need or require involvement of higher levels within the business and within the company.


What - Modesty, lacking pretense and not believing that one is superior to others.
Why - It’s all about maintaining our pride about who we are, about our achievements, about our worth – but without arrogance.  It’s about being content to let others discover the layers of our talents without being boastful.  Those who achieve the most brag the least, and the more secure they are in themselves, the more humble they are.

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