March 2021 Scavenger Hunt - How to Play – Kaldi's Coffee

March 2021 Scavenger Hunt - How to Play

The Kaldi's Coffee Scavenger Hunt is Over!

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Be one of the first 25 to navigate the hunt &
win a special product... for free.

The last hunt ended in a little less than an hour (and this one did too!! This time, we've kept up the challenge for you serious sleuths.
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Rules & How to Play:
Please read carefully!

  • Game begins the morning of 3/16/2021. The exact time will be announced at launch via our newsletter and then social media.
  • When it launches, click the link below to go to our Company home page
  • On that page on the morning of 3/16/2021, there will be a hidden hyperlink somewhere on the page. Find it, and you will be taken to a pop up with your first riddle. Use the riddle to find the next page that has the next hidden hyperlink. Then solve this to find the next page that has a hidden link, and so on. 
  • Your goal: Find the three parts of the Discount Code and put them together at the very end. 
  • Find the ultimate page with the final part of the code to claim your free prize (As a helpful hint, you have a total of 8 links to find and 7 riddles to solve). 
  • All hidden hyperlinks are on current pages on our website, so peruse with vigilance!
  • If and when you get to the last page, read the instructions carefully. If you're one of the first 25 to solve, input the three-part discount code and you get the very special, limited edition product for free!
  • If the special prize is out of stock then others got there first, but look for a consolation prize for your efforts.  


Reminder: only 25 codes were made for the free product

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