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  • We bought our first roaster in 1995, set it up in the front window of our DeMun Coffeehouse, and started roasting the best coffees we'd ever tasted. Over the last 17 years, we've learned quite a bit more about this delicate process and we're happy to say we're still roasting  the best coffees we've ever tasted. 

    The process starts by selecting high-quality green (unroasted) coffees from the world's best farms and co-ops. We then develop a unique roast profile for each coffee based on its taste characteristics, density, and processing type.

    Most of the coffees we roast are single origin coffees, meaning they come from one unique farm, mill, or co-op. Our goal when roasting these fine coffees is to accentuate the natural taste components inherent to each coffee. Dark-roasting a single origin coffee typically melts away the character and unique qualities for which we bought the coffee in the first place.

    We also blend coffees together to create our signature blends, like Espresso 700 and Café Kaldi. These coffees are designed to fit a specific taste profile. The blend of coffees used to achieve that taste profile will change slightly throughout the year since coffees are seasonal.

    Whether blend or single origin, each coffee is now roasted by one of our experienced coffee roasters using either our 1937 Vintage 75-kilo Probat or our 1960's era 22-kilo Probat. Both roasters are top-of-the-line and feature cast iron pieces for added heat retention and fantastic air flow abilities.

    Green (unroasted) coffee is "charged" into the roaster's spinning drum. The drum spins the coffee constantly to avoid it being burned by the bank(s) of natural-gas powered flames that heat it. The roaster is able to add or subtract heat to change the speed at which the coffee is roasted. During every roast, we monitor the temperature of the beans in the drum, the temperature of the exhaust, and gas pressure. By noting the changes in these marks over time, we can make many small adjustments to the gas pressure and air-flow to change a roast profile. Some coffees taste better with a short, fast roast, while others may come out better with a low-and-slow profile. 

    Our attention to these small details with each coffee we produce is what makes Kaldi's Coffee unique and delicious. We know you'll taste it in the cup.


    We had a great sized crowd during Tyler's talk last Friday. We recorded the presentation on his trip to origin in El Salvador & Nicaragua in case you missed it. It runs about an hour, but is full of info about our coffee producers and some of the challenges they and we face. Tyler goes over coffee leaf rust, which has gained attention by countries declaring states of emergency due to its devastation. 
    Danielle sat at the square tables. Josh sat at the circle ones. That was in elementary school over a decade ago. Fast forward to one night in late November last year and he's on one knee next to 'their table' in our Kirkwood cafe. 
    Tyler Zimmer, our green coffee buyer is in El Salvador visiting our coffee producers this week. 


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