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Our Classic Black Canned Coffee Changes the Game

If you’ve been in one of our cafes and seen our canned coffees lately, you might think we’ve just rebranded them to dovetail with our new design elements. Think again. Our new Classic Black canned coffees are the end-product of almost a year’s work, brewed with a completely different method than our Haya cold brew, with critical new features and a new drinking experience. The end result is a crisp, refreshing drink filled with classic coffee flavors. Our new packaging points the way into the future, so let’s take a closer look at what you’ll see on our cans.


Classic Black is the first canned coffee in our new line, which is why the name appears at the top and middle of our can’s face. It will be available in grocery stores, where placement may vary, so we made the title viewable from above and the front. Placement may vary, because it’s now shelf-stable. This means it doesn’t require refrigeration to stay fresh before it’s opened, but it’s absolutely meant to be consumed cold, which is why we made “cold coffee” a metallic feature. The flavors are also called out immediately, leading us to…

  • Shelf Stable
  • Best Enjoyed Cold


Coffee and water. That’s it. No added sugars, no added calories. Just the classic flavors you’ve come to expect from Kaldi’s. We’re using the same blend components you loved in our Haya cold brew; Latin American coffees for the chocolatey base flavors, African coffees to bring red fruit clarity and a clean finish. The ratio of the blend was chosen to make Classic Black maximally refreshing, smooth, and easy to drink.

  • Same Great Coffees
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Added Calories


Every bag of Kaldi’s Coffee displays what we call “the story of discovery,” which begins with the origin legend of the goatherd Kaldi and has taken us so many places since. The journey of each coffee we source and the history of all coffee, remains, to this day, a journey of discovery. Our new canned coffees bring you the crisp, classic flavors of specialty coffee we’ve built our name on. We invite you to carry it wherever your journey takes you, as the perfect companion as you discover the moment.


In the past, our canned Haya Cold Brew used a traditional cold brewing process to create a heavy, intense can of cold coffee. That meant it needed constant refrigeration and lost some of the nuanced, high tones of flavor that make specialty coffee a joy to drink. Last year, we spent months researching new brewing and canning methods, as we worked to bring you the best tasting canned coffee.

We arrived at Snapchill, a process that begins by chilling a hot brewed coffee immediately, without ice. The flash chilling occurs instantly, lowering the coffee’s temperature to 38 degrees and locking in flavor while preventing oxidation. The cans are injected with nitrogen at sealing, for preservation. As a massive bonus, this means if you want to mix things up and enjoy a nitro coffee, a vigorous shake distributes the nitrogen into the coffee. Without the shake, the nitrogen escapes upon opening, leaving a refreshing, smooth Classic Black coffee.

  • Brewed Hot, Then Flash Chilled to lock in flavor
  • Enjoyed Cold, Wherever Life Takes You
  • Shake it for a Nitro-Infused Experience


What are the differences between Snapchill and traditional methods of creating cold coffee?

Snapchill vs Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee starts with hot brewed coffee, then chills it with ice, which dilutes the coffee. This often means the initial brew starts at a higher ratio of coffee to water, altering the extraction rate to compensate for the dilution. The varying extraction and dilution in this process often makes it hard to repeat consistently. Snapchill extracts coffee in a hot brew, then flash chills it using air, leaving the initial extraction untouched.

Snapchill vs Cold Brew

Cold Brew coffee is made with room temperature or cold water, which requires extended brewing times, because the brewing process lacks heat as a catalyst for extraction. This extended brew typically increases oxidation, which tends to mask the brighter, sparkling flavors found in coffee. It also tends to add a heavier body to the finished coffee. Our Haya cold cans previously used this brewing process, and they were chocolatey and heavy bodied, without the crisp, refreshing flavors we prefer.

What are the differences between Snapchill and traditional methods of creating cold coffee?

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