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Peru Nelson Guzman

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DESCRIPTION: red grape, plum, raw sugar, and oolong tea

REGION: Jaén, Cajamarca

ALTITUDE: 1,700 m


VARIETY: Caturra & Bourbon

As a coffee origin, Peru is inspiring for the way in which it’s pushed its way into the limelight over the past decade. Historically overshadowed by neighboring Colombia and Brazil, Peruvian farmers were not to be outdone. Through the work of smart, farmer-focused co-ops and organizational partnerships, Peru has shown the coffee world what should have been obvious already: its temperate microclimate, high altitudes, and small farms are perfect for producing excellent coffee. When supported well, these producers on remote, high-altitude farms can create some dazzling coffees.

One of those small farms is Finca Daniela, a plot of 2 hectares (less than 5 acres) owned by producer Nelson Guzman Diaz Santos. Thanks to the producer-centered, quality-focused efforts of the Aroma Del Valle co-op, Guzman has been producing excellent microlots that highlight how well Peruvian coffeescan balance sweetness and fruitiness. The democratic co-op has helped Guzman to grow his farm andhis family’s livelihood, while sending great coffee into the world. We’re excited to share his latest workwith you.

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