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Papua New Guinea Baroida

Product image 1Papua New Guinea Baroida
Product image 2Papua New Guinea Baroida
Product image 3Papua New Guinea Baroida
Product image 4Papua New Guinea Baroida
Product image 5Papua New Guinea Baroida

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WHY WE LOVE IT: A rich and complex coffee representing the best of Papua New Guinea’s growing coffee industry.

DESCRIPTION: dried pear, cherry, orange zest, turtle candy, black tea

REGION: Eastern Highlands

ALTITUDE: 1,650 - 1,700 m


VARIETY: Bourbon and Typica

Papua New Guinea’s specialty coffee impresses even more every year. After several seasons of decline, the small country in the South Pacific is in the middle of a period of growth for both production and quality. Still a relatively small coffee-producing country, PNG’s coffee industry is made up almost exclusively of smallholder producers who work near or with a few large estates that anchor the industry with washing stations, agricultural education, and resources for producing and exporting their crops.

This richly sweet lot out of PNG comes from the Baroida plantation, one of the largest and oldest coffee farms in PNG’s Eastern Highlands region. Founded in the 1960s, Baroida has been owned and operated by the Colbran family for three generations. Today, the farm covers 220 hectares, where they maintain nearly one million coffee trees.

Baroida keeps meticulous records of their harvests, dividing a segment of the farm into 26 individual plots with every tree varietal recorded and tracked with GPS, allowing them to record exactly how much coffee of each varietal they harvest from each lot of the farm. This attention to detail and helped Baroida plantation produce some of the best coffee to come out of Papua New Guinea this year.

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