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Mexico Ozolotepec

Product image 112oz bag of Mexico Ozolotepec
Product image 2Description: Candied Ginger, Graham Cracker, Fig
Product image 3Mexico Ozolotepec
Product image 4Mexico Ozolotepec
Product image 5Mexico Ozolotepec

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Complex and very approachable, this coffee has a delightful mix of honey sweetness with delicate pastry notes.

DESCRIPTION: graham cracker, candied ginger, fig

REGION: Santa Cruz Ozolotepec, Oaxaca

ALTITUDE: 1,550 - 1,750 M


VARIETY: Criollo, Marsellesa 

Coffees from Mexico are always popular with our guests and customers. We have been releasing coffees from Oaxaca for many years now, and this year we are excited to offer something completely new to us from Ozolotepec. 

The producers at Ozolotepec are members of the larger coop UNECAFE. Producing mostly washed coffees, they also grow with sustainability in mind by growing their coffee in shade. This method aids in the prominence of diverse, native species, as it provides a refuge for species of many plants and fauna all while helping to preserve the soil.

We're loving the qualities of this lot. It's crisp and complex, leading with the light honeyed sweetness of a graham cracker and finishing with the deeper notes of fig. We also noticed a nice spice to the coffee, reminding us of candied ginger. It's a flavor profile that sets it apart from other origins, and it's one we look forward to every year.

With no proper road connecting the farm to the town, mules are used to bring the finished coffee bags to export. This is just another example of the remarkable journey that coffee takes to get to your cup. We are incredibly grateful to be able to present the work of this community for the first time. 

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