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Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 5

Product image 1Ethiopia Nano Genji #5 drying bed
Product image 2Description: fresh peach, passionfruit, lilac, creme brulee
Product image 3Coffee cherries from Ethiopia Nano Genji
Product image 4Drying beds at Ethiopia Nano Genji
Product image 5Moree drying beds at Ethiopia Nano Genji
Product image 6Taste profile: Fruity 4/5, Floral 4/5, Sweet 3/5, Nutty 1/5, Cocoa 0/5, Spices 1/5

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Nano Genji is a stunner, providing a dynamic cup brimming with fruits, florals, and sweetness. 

DESCRIPTION: fresh peach, passion fruit, lilac, crème brûlée

REGION: Agaro Gera, Jimma, Oromia

ALTITUDE: 1,900 - 2,200 m


VARIETY: Heirloom Ethiopian Landraces

We first fell in love with the quality coffee coming from Nano Genji in 2020. Full of red grape, lime, and goji berry notes, it was a stand out lot for us that served us well both as a single origin release and as part of our limited release blend, 3thiopia. 

This year, we are proud to once again present the work of Nano Genji. This offering is lot #5 and was mechanically washed then soaked for 12 hours. Its excellence is a testament to the work of a cooperative that pays its members high premiums and relentlessly focuses on quality from picking to processing. From the first time we cupped it, we were wowed with its sparkling body and its exceptional qualities.

This year's lot is somehow even softer, more floral, and more full of bright stonefruit sweetness than our first lot. For a region already known for its supreme quality, this lot still exceeds expectations. Look for a dynamic, sweet, and rewarding cup with this excellent lot from Nano Genji.  

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