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El Salvador Los Bellotos Bernardina

Product image 1El Salvador Los Bellotos Bernardina
Product image 2El Salvador Los Bellotos Bernardina
Product image 3El Salvador Los Bellotos Bernardina
Product image 4El Salvador Los Bellotos Bernardina

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200 gram bag


*This coffee will be roasted on Mondays only. Coffee will ship same day of roast. Any orders received after 11:59pm the day before roasting will be added to the following week's roast.

Only 30 bags available! 

DESCRIPTION: orange zest, bergamot, amaretto, ground cherry
REGION: Santa Ana
ALTITUDE: 1,400 m
VARIETY:  Bernardina


Coffee is a drink of discovery. Any coffee lover can likely recall more than one moment of revelation in their coffee-drinking journeys, something that sparked a desire to discover more.

The Cupping Room Series celebrates that spirit of adventure. The physical cupping room is the place where so much discovery happens. It’s the place where we continue our endless hunt for all of coffee’s undiscovered delights. So, with these special Cupping Room Series coffees, we’re extending you a special invitation to join in the adventure with us.


The newest release comes from the Pacas family. They have a knack for discovering new varieties of coffee. Maria’s great grandfather, Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa, discovered the Pacas variety on Finca San Rafael in 1945. The Pacas family has continued this tradition of discovery by dedicating a portion of their farm to varieties not typically found in El Salvador. They first identified the Bernardina on their farm in 2008, and we’re beyond excited to share it with you as part of our ongoing Cupping Room Series.

Bernardina is genetically related to both Geisha and Ethiopian Agaro, and has proven itself a hardy variety with some promising resistance to coffee leaf rust. Named after their farm manager, Ruperto Bernardino Merche, this new variety is still being explored more fully, with trees being planted in a variety of microclimates and varying elevation bands, to better understand its potential. That same potential is already being realized, however, as this coffee placed third in the 2019 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition. 

We first tried the Bernardina variety when visiting the Pacas farm in early 2020. We knew immediately that we had to have it, and committed to taking 2 bags. Bernardina is a delicious new entry in our Cupping Room Series, with flavor notes of  orange zest, bergamot, amaretto, and ground cherry. You'll notice intense florals and fruitiness in the cup, and you'll probably find this as one of the most delicate coffee experiences you've ever had. We are absolutely thrilled to finally share this unique coffee experience with you. It is the epitome of what the Cupping Room Series is all about. 

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