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Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha

Product image 1Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha
Product image 2Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha
Product image 3Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha
Product image 4Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha
Product image 5Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha
Product image 6Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Everything you want out of a Gesha — juicy citrus, soft stone fruit, delicate florals — from one of our favorite producer families. 

DESCRIPTION: black tea, tangerine, white peach, floral honey


Coffee is a drink of discovery. Any coffee lover can likely recall those revelatory moments in their coffee-drinking journey — the special cups that expand the boundaries of what coffee can be. Each moment sparks a desire to discover the next. 

The Cupping Room Series celebrates that spirit of adventure. The cupping room is the space where we discover so much of what coffee can be. It’s where we continue our endless hunt for the next moment in our own coffee adventures. It's the next coffee that makes us stop and marvel at all the beautiful complexities coffee has to offer. Each coffee in our Cupping Room Series is a special invitation for you to expand your idea of what coffee is and join us in our next moment of discovery. 


This release combines something new and exciting with something very familiar. We’ve known the Imbachis for more than a decade now, first meeting them when Kaldi’s owner Tyler Zimmer traveled to Colombia in 2009. In 2015, we bought our first lot from Carlos and we have been proud to offer coffee from his family farm, Finca Buenavista, every year since. 

In early 2020, we released the first ever harvest of the Gesha variety from Carlos Imbachi. First planted in 2016, it took several seasons of patience and hard work to produce coffee’s most prized varietal and we were thrilled to be the first to offer it to you. Vibrant with notes of cherry and honeysuckle, it was a lot that was at once delicious and ripe with potential. 

This year, we bring you a new Gesha offering from the Imbachis, but this time from Carlos’s son, Diego. It's everything you want out of the Gesha variety: juicy citrus notes, soft stone fruits, and delicate florals. We especially love how it transforms in the cup as it cools: when hot, the soft white peach notes are dominant, but as it cools it becomes more like tangerine with a lingering black tea finish.

This Gesha is grown in the mountainous, biodiverse southern region of Huila, Colombia. The family's 1,000 trees are shade-grown beneath native Guama trees. After harvesting the Gesha, Diego depulps, ferments, and washes the coffee. It is then dried for over a week before beginning its long journey to the Kaldi's Coffee Roastery. Experience the latest and greatest from the Imbachi family before it's gone! 

This is the second release of Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha in 2021. Part of our full shipment was postponed due to ongoing tensions in Colombia, but we are very excited to offer it to you now.

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