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Colombia Carlos & Sonia Imbachi

Product image 112 oz bag of Colombia Carlos & Sonia Imbachi
Product image 2DESCRIPTION: Green Grape, Pear, Maraschino Cherry. Process: Washed
Product image 3Our roasters' taste profile: Fruity 5/5, Floral 3/5, Sweet 4/5, Nutty 1/5, Cocoa 2/5, Spices 1/5
Product image 4Coffee flower on the Imbachi farm
Product image 5Kaldi's owner Tyler Zimmer visiting the Imbachi farm
Product image 6Producers on the Imbachi farm
Product image 7Producers on the Imbachi farm

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DESCRIPTION: maraschino cherry, pear, green grape

WHY WE LOVE IT: This limited release is very sweet and sparkling in fruity acidity — it's one of the fruitiest washed coffees we've released in recent memory. 

REGION: San Agustin, Huila

ALTITUDE: 1,800 m

PROCESSING: Washed, Sun-dried

VARIETY: Caturra, Yellow Bourbon

Freshly following our release of Familia Imbachi comes a new coffee from one of our favorite producing families, this time taking selected lots from Carlos and his daughter Sonia. Our prior release was comprised of coffees from the lots of the whole family — also including Carlos's sons Diego and Ever — that were internally graded as AA. This exceptional and limited selection contains coffees that were given the highest grade of AAA. 

The cup is simply sparkling in fruity acidity. It reminds us of a fruit cocktail, with its medley of cherries, grapes, and pears coming together and being bathed in condensed syrup. It is one of the fruitiest washed coffees we've had in recent memory, a testament once again to the quality of the farm and this remarkable producing family.

More about the Imbachi Family: 

Many years ago, we built a friendship with Carlos Imbachi, a respected producer in Colombia’s Huila Department. A 2009 winner of the SCA's Coffee of the Year Award, Carlos is a testament to what investment in quality can bring to producing families. Our first ever offering from Carlos is still talked about in our Roastery as one of the best coffees we've ever released. Today, Carlos' legacy carries on thanks to the next generation. Three of his children — Sonia, Diego, and Ever — have purchased their own small plots from Carlos’ Finca Buenavista, where they grow their own unique coffees.

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