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India Kanamad Estate Anaerobic

Product image 1India Kanamad Estate 12oz bag
Product image 2Description: Orange Candy, Chocolate Chip, Mulled Wine
Product image 3Roaster's Taste Profile: Fruity 4, Floral 2, Sweet 5, Nutty 3, Cocoa 4, Spices 3
Product image 4Coffee Cherry growing at Kanamad Estate
Product image 5A producer working with coffee cherry at Kanamad Estate

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WHY WE LOVE IT: This rare offering from India is uniquely rich and deep. It has a profile that is both comforting and ripe for exploration. 

DESCRIPTION: orange candy, mulled wine, chocolate chip

REGION: Western Ghats

ALTITUDE:  1,200 m

PROCESSING: Anaerobic fermentation


One of the things we love most about coffee is how vast and varied its world truly is. Growing regions span the globe, allowing for terroir and independent innovation from a wide number of growing partners to change the flavor of your cup and offer new perspectives on this wonderful beverage. 

Coffees from India are still relatively rare in specialty coffee, and this coffee from Kanamad Estate in India is a perfect representation of how exciting coffee can be, how ripe for exploration it still is, and how relationships are still our most important factor in bringing great coffee to our guests. We first met Subiah from Kanamad Estate at Emory University at our Emory Student Center location. He was in Atlanta to help his daughter move in for her first year of school, and we quickly struck up a conversation regarding coffee and the possibility of working together. To that point, Subiah had never exported coffee to the US, and after many lovely talks we made the arrangements to buy his coffee. We love stories like these: chance meetings that result in new partnerships and new growth. This is our second year offering his coffee, and we hope to continue to do so for many more. 

This lot is largely made up of cataui variety and was grown around 1,200 meters in India's Western Ghats. The climate in this region is particularly well suited for quality coffee with its steady year round temperatures and annual average rainfall of 100 inches. For this coffee, the cherry underwent an anaerobic processing, where fermentation included storing the cherries in stainless steel air tight containers for 48 hours. Some anaerobic coffees we've tasted take on new flavors as a result of this processing - usually very pronounced with tart tropical fruits - but in this coffee we notice a deep richness to its notes like chocolate chips and orange candy, with just an ever so slight and pleasing, spicy booziness on the finish. It's very tasty and offers something for everyone from a region that not many know.

What makes us more excited than anything about this release is that it fulfills two of our greatest passions: sourcing and roasting the most interesting and delicious coffees in the world, and growing and supporting our relationships with those who grow it. Enjoy!

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