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Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 6

Product image 1Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 6
Product image 2Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 6
Product image 3Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 6
Product image 4Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 6
Product image 5Ethiopia Nano Genji Lot 6
Product image 6Roasters' Taste Profile Nano Genji

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WHY WE LOVE IT: An organic offering that’s perfect for the lover of fruity and floral coffee, plus is an exceptional representation of the tastes and future of Ethiopian coffee.

DESCRIPTION: goji berry, red grape, lime, chamomile

REGION: Agaro Gera, Jimma, Oromia

ALTITUDE: 1,900 - 2,200 m


VARIETY: Heirloom Ethiopian Landraces

One of our standout coffees of 2019 was the Ethiopia Nano Challa. Intensely sweet yet delicate, it was full of nectarine fruitiness with a white tea undertone, and it epitomized what the region is capable of with its terroir, elevation, and processing abilities. It was obvious then that we wanted this to be an annual feature in our coffee lineup. 

We weren’t the only ones in love with the lot. In fact, Nano Challa membership did such an amazing job with production and processing that the tremendous premiums they were receiving caused their membership to swell to a level that pushed their capacity as far as it could go. This last year, they opened Nano Genji a few miles away with brand new processing equipment along with dozens of drying beds to accommodate their growing membership. The early results are nothing short of astounding. 

This year, we are proud to present the work of Nano Genji. This offering is lot #6 and was mechanically washed then soaked for 12 hours. Its excellence is a testament to the work of a cooperative that pays its members high premiums and relentlessly focuses on quality from picking to processing. From the first time we cupped it, we were wowed with its sparkling body and its exceptional qualities. It is perfect for the lover of fruity and floral coffees and brings to mind fresh goji berries with soft chamomile notes. Nano Genji is a not-to-be-missed offering from Ethiopia, an origin whose history is just as rich as its future if this lot is any indication. And we think it is. 

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