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Ethiopia Ardi Natural

Product image 1Ethiopia Ardi Natural
Product image 2Description: strawberry candy, chocolate hazelnut, dreamsicle
Product image 3Ethiopia Ardi Natural
Product image 4Ethiopia Ardi Taste Profile

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Red candy sweetness and a delicious mix of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream notes make this a naturally processed coffee to remember.

DESCRIPTION: strawberry candy, chocolate hazelnut, dreamsicle

REGION: Sidama


ALTITUDE: 1950 meters


As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces some of the most interesting and diverse coffees in the world. Because coffee has grown free in the country for centuries, the varieties have crossed and evolved hundreds of times. Usually labelled “heirloom,” most Ethiopian coffee was lumped together as one, very diverse group but researchers are now undertaking the task of categorizing and naming Ethiopia’s vast number of coffee varieties. 

One variety that’s recently broken from the heirloom moniker is Ardi. Named in honor of the origins of both man and coffee, Ardi has been the flagship coffee of our importing partners, Keffa Coffee, since 2009. Grown in Ethiopia’s famed Sidama region, Ardi ticks all the boxes for incredible flavor. With both a clean complexity and rich, fruity sweetness, this naturally processed coffee is teeming with fresh strawberry candy notes. These notes combine with a creamy orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream pairing and a rounded chocolate base.

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