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El Salvador La Cumbre Red Bourbon

Product image 1Kaldi's Relationship Coffee: El Salvador La Cumbre Red Bourbon
Product image 2Description: honeycrisp apple, almond, fruit cake, butterscotch
Product image 3Coffee cherries being sorted at La Cumbre farm
Product image 4Producers at La Cumbre farm
Product image 5Coffee trees growing on the hills of La Cumbre farm
Product image 6Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity 3, Floral 1, Sweet 4, Nutty 3, Cocoa 2, Spices 3

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WHY WE LOVE IT: We are enamored by the exceptional balance of this coffee. La Cumbre Red Bourbon is an all-day drinker that presents delicious apple acidity, big sweetness, and a pleasing nuttiness.  

DESCRIPTION: honeycrisp apple, almond, fruit cake, butterscotch

REGION: Santa Ana

ALTITUDE: 1,525 m


VARIETY: Red Bourbon

We have another coffee to offer you from Emilio López Díaz, one of our longest farmer relationships. We purchased this washed Red Bourbon lot along with a very small amount of his excellent natural Pacamara. The two of them create a very exciting contrast, with the processing and the varieties being rather distinct yet equally special. 

Founded in 1872 by Mr. Cornelio Lemus (great-grandfather of Margarita Lucia Díaz de López), the La Cumbre farm has remained in the family for five generations now and the care and cultivation that it brings is apparent from the first sip. Now operated by Emilio López Díaz, the farm has spent much of the last 15 years experimenting with new processing methods and varietals, including Gesha, SL-34, Pacamara, and a range of Bourbons. La Cumbre is a selection taken from the highest portion of the overall Manzano farm, making coffees from this area some of the farm's highest quality. 

Bourbons are well loved for their taste profile and this coffee is no exception. In it, we taste the classic El Salvadorian balance. We get a lovely, mildly-tart apple acidity followed by a sweet cake note that reminds us of fruit cake, followed by a butterscotch finish. This is one of those exceptional coffees that's complex and interesting but you can drink cup after cup and not get tired of it. We are thrilled to present one more excellent coffee from La Cumbre to you - enjoy!

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