Costa Rica Fabio Ruiz Geisha
Costa Rica Fabio Ruiz Geisha

Costa Rica Fabio Ruiz Geisha

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*This coffee will be roasted on Mondays only. Any orders received after 11:59pm the day before roasting will be added to the following week's roast.

DESCRIPTION: Lavender, cherry blossom, red apple, butterscotch, and black tea
REGION: Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley
ALTITUDE: 1400-1500 MASL
VARIETY:  Geisha

Coffee production in Costa Rica goes back nearly 200 years, and Producer Don Fabio Ruiz’ family has covered half of that time with their farm in the Central Valley. In Sabanilla de Alajuela, Mr. Ruiz has been caring for the coffee on the RUVA farm since 1985, maintaining his family’s long-standing stewardship of the farm and its coffee. A trained agronomist, he is always in search of ways to improve the quality of production at RUVA.

Like many Costa Rican producers over the past decade, Mr. Ruiz has been in search of ways to add more value and distinction to his farm’s coffee production. This search led him to incorporate some Panamanian Geisha trees onto his land in recent years. With its naturally delicate, complex, and floral flavor profile, Geisha has become the darling variety of the specialty coffee industry since exploding onto the scene in Panama 14 years ago. While Geisha is typically known for its light body, this particular coffee takes on an added depth with its white honey process, in which a small part of the mucilage was left on during the fermentation stage. 

We couldn’t think of a better coffee to feature in our latest Cupping Room Series, as it represents the spirit of adventure and discovery at the heart of our company. The potential for incredible moments that coffee offers is still largely undiscovered, and the Geisha variety, and this coffee in particular, reminds us of just what coffee is capable of in the right hands. We invite you to experience Mr. Ruiz’ coffee for yourself this Fall.

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