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DR Congo Muungano

Product image 112 oz bag of Congo Muungano
Product image 2Description: plum jam, oolong tea, dark brown sugar
Product image 3DR Congo Muungano
Product image 4DR Congo Muungano
Product image 5DR Congo Muungano
Product image 6DR Congo Muungano

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WHY WE LOVE IT: This is our eighth consecutive year offering Muungano's coffee and we love it for its purple fruit notes and spiced tea finish.

DESCRIPTION: plum jam, oolong tea, dark brown sugar

REGION: South Kivu

ALTITUDE: 1,480 - 2,000m


VARIETY: Bourbon

DR Congo Muungano has joined our own internal pantheon of most anticipated, long-standing coffees with other favorites like Mexico Sicobi, Rwanda Sholi, and Colombia Monserrate. It's also been remarkably consistent year after year, allowing a bit of nostalgia to the experience for those that have had it through multiple harvest years. It's spiced tea and citrus notes transport you back in time a bit. This feeling is one of our favorite parts about coffee and the relationships we develop in them.  

Since 2009, the Muungano cooperative has promoted equality for their farmers and quality for their coffee. Muungano is the Swahili word for “togetherness” and the Muungano cooperative lives up to their name. Consisting of 4,141 smallholder members, nearly half of whom are women, the cooperative brings women and men from all different ethnic backgrounds together to produce delightful coffee in a country whose reputation is growing for great specialty coffee. 

Like its neighbors in the Lake Kivu region (Rwanda and Burundi), the Democratic Republic of the Congo produces rich and complex coffees known for its spice notes and deep, sweet flavors like brown sugar and molasses. This is our eighth year offering a lot from the Muungano Cooperative (and this year we once again took their naturally processed (and incredibly delicious) coffee) and it continues to live up to and exceed our expectations, with this year’s crop featuring a delicious spiced tea note with big purple fruit flavors over the top. 

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