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Colombia Monserrate Oscar Medina

Product image 112oz bag of Colombia Oscar Medina
Product image 2Colombia Monserrate Oscar Medina
Product image 3Colombia Monserrate Oscar Medina
Product image 4Colombia Monserrate Oscar Medina
Product image 5Colombia Monserrate Oscar Medina
Product image 6Colombia Monserrate Oscar Medina

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WHY WE LOVE IT: This is a very well rounded coffee from a partnership that dates back to 2009. It's highly sweet, sessionable, and consistent — something you can drink all day.

DESCRIPTION: hazelnut, oatmeal raisin cookie, dark chocolate, dried cherry

REGION: Monserrate, Huila


ALTITUDE: 1,740 m

VARIETIES: Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia, Castillo

Coffee from Colombia Monserrate is one of those things we could wax poetic about for hours and hours. Our oldest relationship coffee, team members from Kaldi's Coffee have bonded, drank coffee, and played soccer with the great people of the Monserrate community across several origin trips spanning back to 2009. The small community's dedication to quality over the years has been inspiring to watch. 

The Colombia Monserrate community lot (blended coffee from producers throughout Monserrate) plays a pivotal role in many of our blends throughout the year. Its reliable quality and sweetness are a major driver in the same qualities you are used to getting from Cafe Kaldi and 700. Each year, however, we are especially excited to spotlight specific members of the community when we can, such as Omaira Quintero, Elcy Causaya, and Cesar Medina.

In this offering from Oscar Medina, we get the same qualities that we know and love from the community: a lovely dark chocolate backbone, crisp malic acidity, and a pleasing sweetness sip after sip. We will only be spotlighting Oscar's work for a few weeks, so get this exceptionally balanced coffee before it's gone! 

Read more about past trips to Monserrate in our blog, "A Trip Back to Monserrate".

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