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Colombia Familia Imbachi

Product image 1Kaldi's Relationship Coffee | Colombia Familia Imbachi | Single Origin Coffee
Product image 2Flavor Description: tropical fruits, cane sugar, orange zest
Product image 3Coffee plants on the Imbachi farm
Product image 4Coffee flower on the Imbachi farm
Product image 5Kaldi's owner Tyler Zimmer visiting the Imbachi farm
Product image 6Scenes from the Imbachi farm
Product image 7Producers on the Imbachi farm
Product image 8Producers on the Imbachi farm
Product image 9Roaster's Taste Profile | Fruity 5, Floral 3, Sweet 4, Nutty 2, Cocoa 2, Spices 1

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WHY WE LOVE IT: The freshest harvest of a favorite producing family, and a stunningly sweet and tropical coffee that reminds us of a refreshing piña colada.

DESCRIPTION: Tropical fruits, cane sugar, orange zest

REGION: San Augustin

ALTITUDE: 1,800 m

PROCESSING: Washed, Sun-dried

VARIETY: Caturra, Yellow Bourbon

Coffee production in Colombia is facing a crisis of age. With the average coffee producer being 53 years old in the country, fewer young farmers are taking up the mantles of the previous generation to continue the legacy of Colombia’s growing specialty coffee industry.

For the last several years, we’ve built a friendship with Carlos Imbachi, a respected producer in Colombia’s Huila Department. Carlos is nearing retirement, but his legacy will carry on thanks to the next generation. His children are committed to continuing the family business of producing some of Colombia’s best coffee.

Three of his children -- Sonia, Diego, and Ever -- have already purchased their own small plots from Carlos’ Finca Buenavista, where they now grow their own unique coffees. This year, we want to honor the Imbachi family legacy by featuring coffee from each of Carlos’ children. We offered one harvest earlier this year, and this is the latest offering from them. Once again, we’ve combined our favorite lots from Sonia, Diego, and Ever into one stunning coffee that reminds us of a refreshing piña colada

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