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Burundi Processing Sampler

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We invite you to try two unique styles of coffee from Burundi in this limited release box set. Both of these coffees come in 6 ounce bags.

Coffee has been a crop of renewal in many African countries, Burundi included. As is the case with many of its neighbors, coffee farming had fallen out of favor by the time of the country’s civil war in the 1990's. Since then, however, the country’s leadership has honed in on coffee as a major priority.  Producers have made enormous strides in production quality in just 10 years time. Now, it’s now the number one export, and Burundi stands alongside neighboring Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo as a new favorite in specialty coffee.

The coffees from these two co-ops showcase Burundi’s delicious coffee quite well. Both Butegana and Gahahe are located in the northern province of Kayanza, known for its rich volcanic soil and ideal growing conditions. Coffee cherries from the many small farms in the surrounding community are delivered to the central washing stations for processing, and in this case we have wonderful examples of both washed and natural (dry) processing. Both cups have the distinct character of Burundi coffee, while showing the remarkable difference processing can make.

Burundi Butegana Washed

Description:  Canteloupe, maple, clove, candied orange, and cherry tomato
Region: Gatara, Kayanza
Altitude:   1,612 m
Processing: Washed
Variety: Bourbon

Burundi Gahahe Natural

Description:  Creamy, floral, tart strawberry yogurt 
Region: Kayanza
Altitude:  1,805 m
Processing: Natural
Variety: Bourbon


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