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Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural

Product image 1Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural
Product image 2Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural
Product image 3Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural
Product image 4Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural
Product image 5Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural
Product image 6Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural
Product image 7Brazil Serra do Cabral Slow Dry Natural

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Our second release of the year from the Flanzer family, we get all the classic chocolate and nutty notes that make Brazilian coffees unique. 

DESCRIPTION: red grape, brown spices, hazelnut, cola

REGION: Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais


PROCESSING: Slow dry natural

VARIETIES: Yellow Catucaí, Red Catuaí

This is our second release of 2022 from the Flanzer family and Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral. This lot underwent a more traditional natural processing method than our last Tropical Natural offering. The results are familiar but distinct: we taste the classic Brazilian chocolate and nut notes, but there is a delicate red grape fruitiness intermingling with a slightly spicy cola sweetness. We also taste a bit of carrot cake in the mix!

If you consider yourself a fan of coffees from Brazil, this coffee checks all of the boxes. If you are less accustomed to the origin, we think you will love this coffee for its big sweetness and pronounced nuttiness that makes it a standout from other origins. 

More about the Flanzer family and Ecoagricola:

The Flanzer family is an agricultural family, working within the Serra do Cabral region for over 30 years. When Marcello and Roberto Flanzer took over their family business in the early 2000s, they decided it was the right time to grow coffee on their family farm. They founded Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral in 2006, where they originally only grew Yellow and Red Catuai. As things have progressed and their relationships grown, they have been able to experiment with more microlots and different processing. 

In 2015, they began a project with the University of Lavras to experiment with new drying techniques for their natural and pulp natural coffees. By committing to the highest levels of traceability and care, they can track subtle changes in each microlot’s quality as they hone in their processing even more. It just so happens that Serra do Cabral is uniquely positioned for these special processes because of the very dry climate conditions during harvest. 

Learn More About Our Relationship with the Flanzer Family that we released Serra do Cabral Tropical Natural:

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