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Brazil Serra do Cabral

Product image 1Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 2Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 3Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 4Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 5Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 6Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 7Brazil Serra do Cabral
Product image 8Brazil Serra do Cabral

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DESCRIPTION: grape, chocolate cake, toffee, walnut

REGION: Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais

PROCESSING METHOD: Natural, shade slow-dried

ALTITUDE: 1100 meters

VARIETY: Red Catuai

Brazil is an origin that has come to be nearly synonymous with coffee. No other country comes even close to its massive scale of production. Yet, in some ways it is often an afterthought among specialty-coffee lovers. To many roasters, Kaldi’s included, Brazil is a go-to for workhorse coffees built for espressos, not necessarily a place to seek out unique offerings. But this coffee reminds us that Brazil should have a place at the table with other high-end producing regions.

The Flanzer family and their farm at Ecoagricola are relatively new to coffee, opening their nursery in 2006 after more than 30 years working primarily in forestry. Now in our third year partnering with them, we have been very happy with the well-balanced coffees they’ve been providing for our blends, and excited to see them doing their work with an innovative eye toward sustainable practices in water and energy conservation. This year, we were particularly thrilled to receive our first microlot sample from Ecoagricola. This lot has all the characteristics we love about Brazils — that sweet, nutty, chocolate balance — coupled with a lively fruit-forward acidity. We hope it is our first of many stand-alone Brazilian offerings.

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