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3thiopia Processing Blend

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WHY WE LOVE IT: What began as a fun experiment evolved into a palate-defying symphony of flavor that our team members could only describe as "bonkers". One of our most unique tasting experiences in recent memory, and a blend of the best Ethiopia has to offer. 

DESCRIPTION: watermelon, clementine, passion fruit, orange blossom honey 

VARIETIES: Kurume, Welicho, Ardi

ALTITUDE: 1,800 - 2,200 m

PROCESSING: A blend of washed, natural, and pulped natural coffees

REGION: Guji, Yirgacheffe, and Sidama


  1. The Naga Singage Adorsi Washing Station was founded in 2001 and purchased by its current owner, Tetsi Coffee, in 2018. 
  1. Tesfaye Bekele, founder of Suke Quto Farm, helped pioneer specialty coffee in Guji as a conservation effort to restore forests after bushfires devastated much of the region. 
  1. The Ardi variety was discovered in 2009, days after the discovery of the early human remains of Ardipithicus. 

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Our roasting team tastes hundreds of coffees from around the world, looking for the best ones to feature as our single origin offerings. We know everyone has their favorites, so we try to always have coffees from several countries to choose from. Unfortunately, that means we have to say “no” a lot more often than we say “yes.” However, we tasted so many great coffees from Ethiopia this year that we couldn’t decide which one to choose -- so we chose three instead.  

Our original plan was only a box set, but it soon became much more spectacular. What if we combined three very different, very delicious coffees from Ethiopia into one very distinctive blend? Each of the three coffees features a different processing method -- washed, pulped natural, and natural -- and they all taste incredible on their own. 

The washed component is a former favorite, Ethiopia Naga Singage. Hailing from the Naga Singage Adorsi Washing Station in Yirgacheffe, this coffee contributes clean, light notes of peach and jasmine. The pulped natural coffee arrives from one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Guji, the Suke Quto Farm. Pulped natural processing is still relatively uncommon in Ethiopia and offers rich, sweet flavors like cherry, vanilla, and honey. Finally, from Sidama, Ethiopia Ardi Natural contributes deep, fruit and wine notes that make natural Ethiopian coffees so coveted. 

What began as a fun experiment evolved into a palate-defying symphony of flavor. The three coffees come together as one incredible blend, showing off the best of Ethiopia’s diverse flavor profile. Floral, stone fruit, berries, sweets, and teas -- this blend features them all. Three coffees processed three ways from three regions of coffee’s original home, 3thiopia is the result of a wild experiment gone incredibly right. 


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