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Kaldi's and Honolulu Coffee Company bring Kona Maragogype to St. Louis and KC

For the holiday season Kaldi's is teaming up with our sister company, Honolulu Coffee Company, to bring St. Louis a unique coffee, Kona Maragogype. This bean has been called the "Elephant Bean coffee" for its uniquely large bean size. Kona Maragogype green coffee bean (left) vs. an Ethiopian bean This 100% Kona coffee is available in our cafes in a wooden gift box that presents an exciting coffee experience. The box pairs a 12oz bag of our Sumatra Wahana Natural coffee and a Patric Espresso 700 chocolate bar with a 12oz bag of Kona Maragogype and Dark Kona Coffee, 63% cacao chocolate bar.  This gift box will only be offered for a limited time during the holidays and is available at any...

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Letters from coffee camp pull-a-shot

Baristas Jacque, Nora and Steve visited camp pull-a-shot this year, aka coffee camp.  Steve, Nora, and myself got the opportunity to attend Camp-Pull-A-Shot this year and had an amazing time in beautiful Santa Barbara. It was Steve’s second year at camp and Nora’s and my first year. We had 4 days packed full of coffee, education, discussion, and friends.

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New Brown Sugar Rosemary latte

At Kaldi’s we’re always looking for ingredients that bring out the best qualities that our coffee and espresso has to offer. When it comes time to work on creating a new seasonal drink we turn not to processed syrups, but ingredients in our own pantries. 

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Our MS 150 Team Kaldi's Coffee needs your help

Early at 4 a.m. on the morning on the first of the two day MS 150 bike ride the brewing started. We arrived with 150 gallons worth of coffee to pass out free to riders and volunteers and left with zero. This past September marked Kaldi’s 10th year of involvement in the Bike MS 150 ride in Columbia, MO. The ride is easily our biggest and most rewarding event of the year.

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Our World Tour Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero has arrived

This is the fifth year that we have had coffee from our award winning friends at Helsar de Zarcero. Helsar de Zarcero was founded by partners and producers, Marvin Rodriguez and Ricardo Perez. They were instrumental in the micro-mill revolution that began about 10 years ago in Costa Rica.

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