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Sweet Bolivia Bolinda has arrived

It's been almost three years since we have offered a single origin Bolivian coffee, but once you try this one, you'll see why we're featuring it. This coffee was produced by smallholder farmers from the community (or "colonia") of Bolinda, which lies in a steep mountain valley about 10 kilometers outside the town of Caranavi. The colonia was was founded 52 years ago and used to be known as "Bolivia Linda" or "Beautiful Bolivia." After much deliberation, the community's residents decided to change its name to Bolinda, and it is now one of the larger settlements in the area. 

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Right now: Learn more about the coffee you love

What makes coffee taste great and what makes it taste bad (we've all tasted some really bad coffee)? The New York Times published two great articles all about coffee just in time for the new year. The first is a journey on the pursuit of learning to create the perfect cup of coffee. The writer goes through a coffee training camp taking what he thinks he knows about brewing at home to understanding the basics behind the science of a great cup of coffee. An excerpt from the story: "Am I skeptical? Well, making coffee, even espresso, roughly entails pouring or pushing water through coffee. Sometimes by flicking a switch or pushing a button.  “How hard can coffee be? It’s...

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