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Colombia Carlos Imbachi

We're excited to share our latest offering: Colombia Carlos Imbachi. A chance encounter in Colombia years ago has led to our newest favorite coffee. Green coffee buyer Tyler Zimmer writes: The quality of coffee that comes out of Colombia never ceases to amaze me. Seems like every year I taste better and better coffee. Our next single origin release, Colombia Carlos Imbachi, is a reminder of how small of a world that we live in. During my first trip to Colombia in 2009, I was traveling around Huila with a group of Colombians doing work with small cooperatives in Colombia to help improve quality. They wanted Kaldi’s to check out the quality of small producers in the area. As we...

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Throwback Coffee - Our 20th Anniversary Blend

For our 20th Anniversary Blend coffee, we dialed into the past in an attempt to faithfully recreate the original "Cafe Kaldi," our first house blend. I spoke with Tyler Zimmer, Roaster and Green Coffee Buyer, to find out how we did it.   Chris: Tell me about the process we went through to create our 20th Anniversary Blend. Tyler: The idea behind this roast was to recreate the original version of Cafe Kaldi. Originally in Cafe Kaldi, we used a natural Ethiopia in the blend, and we went away from it 8 or 9 years ago due to taste preferences. We tried replicating the old blend, and we got close. It's not quite as dark as the original Cafe Kaldi. Back in...

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