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Honduras Las Capucas origin trip

Caitlin, one of our customer service reps, Brandon, from our Kirkwood cafe, and Bud, one of our roasters, were in Las Capucas, Honduras last week. Here are some stories and pictures from their trip. DAY 1 We visited Beneficio Santa Rosa de Copan on our way to Las Capucas. Their facility was beautiful and they had a great cupping lab. We took a tour of the dry mill - they poke every bag for QC as they stack them in amazing pyramids in the warehouse. The really large white bags are micro lots that are separated. They are sorting by density and again by color - using electronic sorting (infared camera picks out the ones that aren't the right color).  We will be cupping...

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Dispatches from Myanmar - Day 4

Below are dispatches from Tyler Zimmer's trip to Myanmar. We'll update the blog as Tyler writes. Stay tuned. Day 4 Wednesday was a travel day for our group. After spending the first 2 days in Pyin Oo Lwin, it was time to head to the highlands of Shan state. Myanmar has many different microclimates and the weather changed quite a bit on our drive. It is still 2 months until raining season begins and much of the drive was very brown. It will look very differently in May. It took us 7 hours to make the trip including a few stops to see some amazing heritage sites and pagodas. Ywangan is home to many smallholders in the area. In 2013,...

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Dispatches from Myanmar - Day 3

Below are dispatches from Tyler Zimmer's trip to Myanmar. We'll update the blog as Tyler writes. Stay tuned. Day 3 It is our second day here in Pyin Oo Lin and we start out the day by heading to the Mandalay Coffee Group’s office and cupping lab. We checked out their mill and the systems they have in place. This is the 2nd year that the mill is in operation and it is as nice as any in the world. All the coffee here is wet processed and fermented 24 hours in concrete tanks. The coffee is then moved to the concrete patios where the coffee is turned and raked until it is dry. It is then moved to their...

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Dispatches from Myanmar - Day 1

Below are dispatches from Tyler Zimmer's trip to Myanmar. We'll update this blog as Tyler writes. Stay tuned. Day 1 After about 30 hours of travel I've finally made it to Yangon, Myanmar. We landed around 11:30 PM on Saturday night (there is a 12:30 time difference in Myanmar). I am staying tonight (Sunday) in Yangon before we fly out to Mandalay in the morning.  Today is full of meetings with people who have been involved with the coffee project to date. Many from USAID, Winrock International, as well as the Myanmar Coffee Association and the Mandalay Coffee Group. We started with introductions. The range of roasting companies is quite broad. From a larger specialty roasters in the US, Allegro...

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Myanmar Trip

Recently, Kaldi’s Coffee was honored to be asked to participate in the first ever organized coffee buying trip to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Located in southeast Asia, Myanmar borders India, China, and Thailand and has been producing coffee since the late 1800s. Although Myanmar contains some prime growing regions, they have remained largely unknown to the specialty coffee industry. Controlled by successive military governments over the last 60 years, their industry was limited by self-imposed isolation. Over the last five years, Myanmar has transitioned  towards democracy and open trade, and now their government is heavily interested in growing their burgeoning coffee industry and capitalizing on their potential for high quality Arabica coffee. The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) invited Kaldi’s...

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