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United States Coffee Competition - Kansas City February 2016

Dispatch by Barista and Trainer Matt Foster Two weeks ago was my second time competing in a regional Brewer’s Cup competition, and many things were very much like my first time competing. Familiar things like late nights spent alone and with fellow competitors securitizing every detail of our presentations, running all over town and the internet to find wares, reciting our speeches out loud often enough that our family, friends and pets have it memorized, and enduring caffeine induced sleepless nights counting how many times we’ve counted the coffee beans we see when we close our eyes. Everything else however, was much different. Last time I was able to choose my coffee, brew method and presentation from the start and...

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Marcus Boni Talks About Our Two New Kansas City Locations

Recommended Daily recently did an interview with our VP of Retail, Marcus Boni, on topics ranging from our two newly renovated and rebranded stores in Kansas City, to our first-ever coffee dinner in Kansas City, to his ever-expanding role with Kaldi's. Have a read here. By the way, Frank McGinty and crew tirelessly worked to make the dinner a huge success. Here's a Facebook photo gallery of the seven courses, and here's four more Facebook photo galleries showcasing the preparation of the dinner (one, two, three, and four). In other news, the Kansas City Star ran a feature on the summer drinks of Kansas City, and the author came to Kaldi's for a Sidecar - a cappuccino with a side shot of...

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