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Field Report: Coffee Roaster’s Guild Retreat 2018

Kaldi’s recently sent three of our roasting team members to the annual Coffee Roaster’s Guild Retreat. The CRG Retreat is one of the best opportunities the Specialty Coffee Association offers for professional development, networking, and learning alongside other coffee roasters from companies all over the world. Given our commitment to continual improvement, it’s a must for at least some of our team to attend each year. Specialty coffee has grown up so quickly these past few decades, and there is always much to learn at the retreat. This year’s retreat was set at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. As always, the remote setting provides the perfect opportunity to relax, connect, reflect, and workshop outside the usual pressures of production roasting....

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2 New Coffees: Tanzania Shiwanda & Sumatra Tano Batak

We have two new and exciting coffee’s available at Kaldi’s now! Tanzania Shiwanda and Sumatra Tano Batak. The following was written by our Regional Training Manager, David Fasman.    First lets talk about the Tanzania. This is the second year that we are bringing in coffee from Shiwanda, a historic Tanzanian estate. The estate was revived in 1998 and is located in the Mbeya region of southern Tanzania, just north of Lake Malawi. Shiwanda is approximately 1,300 acres total of which 300 acres are used for coffee cultivation. The estate placed 2nd in the Tanzania Taste of Harvest in 2007. The estate uses coffee varietals from the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TACRI). TACRI is committed to improving coffee quality and diversity in...

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Spring Coffee Cocktail

By Jacque DesMarais As someone who enjoys a well made cocktail both after work and at home, I’ve always struggled with coffee cocktails. They tend to all be the same and people don’t push the boundaries a lot. I first got into cocktails being a barista competitor that struggled with signature drinks. I realized that I was getting stuck, so I explored other industries to see what other people were doing with flavors. Little did I know, I would be down the rabbit hole of both coffee and cocktails. I’ve always been a huge fan of classic cocktails because, if you’ve ever tried to find a well-made one, you’ll soon find it’s quite difficult. One of my favorite coffee cocktails...

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A Night of Thanks at Demun

    We warmly invite guests, supporters, and friends to a night of appreciation! As Kaldi’s begins a truly monumental year leading up to our 20th anniversary celebration, we’d like to invite patrons and friends of Kaldi’s on Demun to a special evening of thanks! Come enjoy some hands-on brewing demonstrations, food & drink, a peek into our relationship coffees, swag, raffles, and an all-star brewing competition!Oh, and a super special unveiling of the new Kaldi’s of the future! We could never have come this far without our supporters, and we hope to convey our un-ending appreciation in a night dedicated to you! Monday, February 24, 20146:00pm - 9:00pm 700 Demun AvenueClayton, MO 63105

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Introducing... the Gibraltar

  Starting this week in all of our cafes, we will begin offering the Gibraltar, a new "traditional" drink.Here are some fun facts: It's also known as: a cortado (if you’re on the east coast), a Tallat in Catalan, an Ebaki in Basque, a Pingo or Garoto in Portugal, and a noisette in France. What the name means: it’s the registered name for the type of glassware tumblers that many people (including us [after work]) use as rocks glasses. What it is: it’s basically a large macchiato. If you’d like to get technical though, it’s two shots of espresso with two ounces of lightly textured, latte-style milk that is steamed slightly cooler (130° F) than a traditional cappuccino (usually ~140° F). Is this a new drink:...

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