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Many people may not realize that coffee roasters receive green (unroasted) coffee from farmers in large burlap bags. These bags are usually stamped with the name of the coffee, the region, and the farm it came from. Some of them have drawings of coffee plants, birds, or something that makes it unique to the part of the world where the coffee was grown. A few of the bags Kaldi’s receive are stamped with our logo - and that’s where Maggie comes in. Maggie lives in Dubuque, Iowa with her family and has spent the past few months creating a new line of tote bags for our cafes. We have had a lot of fun working with her and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for our blog!

  • How did you get started in this field?

Creating things has been my jam since I can remember... I literally spent summers as a little girl at my Grandma's lakeside cabin working endlessly on any one of the various art kits we'd just picked up from the local craft store. I tried desperately to maintain that path through school but wasn't in complete denial that most of my sketches, clay modules, and dioramas were, well, terrible. After getting the itch a couple years ago to find my old creative self again, I was fatefully gifted a sewing machine by my mother in law.  After a myriad of "how to sew" YouTube videos, sewing quickly became my new avenue for creativity. I immediately fell in love with how forgiving it can be (is anything perfect!?), but more importantly that I was able to combine all of these different prints, textures, and designs to make awesome and functional items that lo and behold others wanted to get their hands on! I've been hooked ever since.


  • What are some of your inspirations when it comes to creating?

I love finding classic, lasting prints that don't have to be discarded or forgotten the next season and ones that allow you to express yourself. If it happens to give you that extra boost of confidence, even better! I challenge myself to produce items that are simple in design, while still proving that handmade items can be just as amazing, if not more so, than mass produced store bought products. A strong source of my inspiration is really from the humbling support I receive from my followers and that with every purchase made, something I made is going out into the world to be enjoyed by another. Pretty awesome stuff!

  • How did you come across the Kaldi's brand/burlap?

I am a strong believer in fate... as fate would have it I was able to meet the owner of Inspire Cafe, Sara Post, at a networking event here in Dubuque, IA. Her story describing how she came to open her amazing cafe was very inspirational to me and I felt compelled to talk to her about it. After she learned that I had an online shop and local presence for handmade items she met with me a while after to discuss turning some burlap coffee bags into actual totes and clutches to sell in her cafe. I was completely on board and knowing Kaldi's is their roaster I knew I had to use the Kaldi's logo on some of the bags besides, how stinking cute is that goat! After posting a sample of the bags on Instagram I was lucky enough to have one of Kaldi's own, Kim Morice reach out to me about possibly creating some of the same items for them. Since then I've been collaborating with Kim and Louis of Kaldi's Coffee to offer my handmade twist on their burlap bags and I couldn't be more excited to create them for such an awesome company and team!

  • Tell us a fun fact about you!

Well, I'm actually a Biology Major and as I'm not exactly utilizing that degree to the fullest I found a way to use my creative skills to at least aid the natural world by starting another business called Honey & Hive Co. It's is a children's boutique where a portion of proceeds from every sale goes to our partner Urban Beekeeping Laboratory & Bee Sanctuary! #savethebees :)

 You can find Maggie's products here.

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