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Fresh Crop Sightings

Tom Petty couldn’t have been more right when he sang it: the waiting is the hardest part.

More often than not, this is true in the world of coffee buying. Long before a delicious new lot hits our shelves for your buying pleasure, we cup pre-ship samples of that same lot, deliberate over it, sign a contract, and then do a whole lot of painful waiting until the coffee finally arrives stateside for us to cup a final approval sample and bring it to our roastery. Usually we have a rough idea of how long this will be, but there’s no telling what issues — weather, logistics, or otherwise — might slow that timeline down. Like any agricultural good, coffee is subject to a wide array of somewhat unpredictable impediments and hazards that can cause anything from minor delays to total crop destruction. We in the coffee industry, farmers most of all, have learned to live with some degree of uncertainty.

For those of us on the roasting side of the coffee chain, whose passion is to share great coffee far and wide, this process is sometimes especially difficult. Try right now, when we have at least eight coffees that have hit delays getting out of origin, all of which will finally be arriving over the next month or so. We’re dying to share them with you, so we at least wanted to give you a little preview of what we’ve got coming. In no particular order (because, you know, supply chain unpredictability)…

Central and South America

We’ve got a diverse lineup rolling in from the Americas, featuring some old and some new.

One you’ll likely recognize represents our ongoing relationship with Mexicos Sicobi group, which is dedicated to protecting biodiversity in the Oaxaca region. This coffee has been a favorite at Kaldi’s for a few years now, consistently delivering a pleasantly acidic, balanced coffee. 

We’ll also be featuring our third coffee from El Salvador this year, and our third processing method from the same country. After a great run with the Matalapa washed and Manzano honey processed coffees this summer, this new one, from Finca La Providencia will be a fully natural-processed offering. 

But wait, there’s more! We’ll be featuring two coffees from Guatemala, and two honey-processed lots from Costa Rica, including a Geisha that you’ll definitely want to try in our Cupping Room series this Fall.


Our African releases this Fall will feature a familiar coffee from Kenya’s Ichamama factory, a citrus-bomb favorite of ours the last few years, and an organic natural-processed, single-farm Ethiopian from producer Shimekt Daba. If you’re familiar with the complexities of the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, then you’ll know it’s an exciting, rare find to acquire a single-farm lot out of coffee’s birthplace.

Southeast Asia

Finally, we’ll round out our lineup with one of our relationship coffees from Myanmar, the Tet Kone natural. Our relationship with Myanmar goes back ten years now, to when we began working with several political refugees from the region. We’re thrilled to see the way in which specialty coffee is providing hope for the future in this embattled region. 

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work lining up a whole slew of delicious offerings for you. We’ll also introduce our first-ever fall blend, Harvest, a comfort coffee for the cool Fall months, so there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

With so many tasty coffees coming, there couldn’t be a better time to consider our Coffee of the Month subscription service. Did you know you can have our roasting team do all the work of selecting a coffee for you every month? Get a taste of all these offerings as they roll out in the Fall, without having to think about it. We’ll mail them straight to your door at the beginning of each month.

The wait is almost over. Come share some great coffee with us this Fall.

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